Why add digital gift cards to employee rewards programs ?

Among the survey run by AdvancedSurvey, respondents who have purchased gift cards from an eCommerce or mobile site, 41% indicated that they have purchased a physical card, 32% purchased a digital card, and 27% purchased both. More than half (57%) indicated that they purchase 2-7 gift cards annually via online sites and mobile apps.

Instead of preferring one form of gift card over another, an overwhelming majority of survey respondents (77%) indicated that they want to be able to choose between digital and physical gift cards when purchasing gift cards from ecommerce or mobile commerce apps and sites. The survey also asked customers about the features that are most important to them when purchasing gift cards online, and flexibility was an important theme in shopper responses: 56% of respondents indicated a variety of denominations being an important factor, 36% cited the ability to personalize the message, and 38% of customers indicated that it was important to have a variety of designs to choose from. Of the consumers surveyed, 72% have previously bought a gift card from a website or mobile app 250 Williams Street | Atlanta, Georgia 30303 | 800-352-3084 | incomm.com INCENTIVES | 3 course, it should also be noted that 72% of respondents cited security as being important to the online purchasing experience.

Your employees are likely more interested in digital gift cards now than ever before

A vast majority (71%) of survey respondents are likely to purchase at least 1 gift card from an online web site or mobile web site or app in coming holiday season, while 74% are likely to purchase at least one digital gift card. All told, 73% of respondents indicated that they are likely to buy 2-5 gift cards from online web sites or mobile apps this holiday season.

Among the reasons for purchasing digital gift cards, 61% of respondents cited instant delivery as a key factor for their decision. Additional reasons for purchasing digital gift cards indicated by survey respondents include the fact they’re easier to send (33%), easier and quicker to purchase (27%), and harder to lose (24%). A vast majority of consumers across age groups agree they are more interested in purchasing digital gift cards now than they were 2-3 years ago. Those numbers are especially high for consumers 18-25 (90% agree) & 26-35 (88% agree).

One of the key takeaways from this survey is that the redemption mechanism for digital gift cards matters. Consumers were asked if they would prefer to redeem a digital gift card via scanning it from their phone or by carrying an email printout. Half of all consumers indicated they prefer redemption via their phones. Younger consumers aged 18-25 indicated the strongest preference for this method (78%).

source: https://raise.com



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